Schools and Libraries

I am very happy to visit your school or library.

Primary Schools.
Since I write over such a wide age range, I can offer talks and presentations to different year groups.

For ages 5-7, I can talk about natural history, using the books listed in that section of the site.

For ages 7-9 and 9-11, I have a power point presentation for the Edwardian detective books with the pictures that I used for research. The talk is wide ranging and informative and includes readings from the books, general knowledge and an explanation of the writing process. I tailor the talk to suit the age group. There is a question and answer session and book signings, if applicable.

I can offer a talk on Tudor History with readings from my comic novel 'KING HENRY VII'S SHOES' published by Harper Collins. This combines novel writing with historical detail.

I can offer a more detailed talk on how I go about researching and writing my books, comic and historical if a projector and screen are not available.


Secondary Schools
I have a power point presentation or WENDY and THE UNRIVALLED SPANGLES The talk includes readings from the books and discussions of the issues raised in the books.

Alternatively, I can give a talk on covering the development of characters and issues over my novels which would include readings rom RASPBERRIES ON THE YANGTZE and CLIMBING A MONKEY PUZZLE TREE and WENDY.


Creative Writing Workshops.
I would tailor these to your students' age group and needs. Topics would include how to develop characters, how to put together a plot, the art of description and how to get ideas. The workshops are most effective working with smaller numbers.

For further details and to discuss your own requirements, please contact me using the form on the contact page.